Watch Service and Repairs

The Timepiece Collection, Ltd. is an authorized dealer of many high end watch brands, and we understand the importance and value a watch has to its owner. We have an in-house watchmaker for most basic watch repair needs and we have contracts with some of the best independent master-watchmakers on the east coast for more complex jobs. If your watch needs servicing, big or small, we can handle it for you. We are also able to special-order straps, bracelets, buckles and other accessories for the brands for which we are authorized dealers. Please click on the button at the bottom of the page to begin the process of sending your watch into us. Or just email us directly to correspond with us about your timepiece service needs.

Here are a few of the most common watch-related services that we offer:

Mechanical Watch Servicing

Automatic and Manual winding movements require care and periodical maintenance, commonly known as a movement overhaul. Our watchmaker experts are qualified to perform these services. An overhaul entails the dismantling of the movement, a thorough ultrasonic cleaning and inspection of each component, replacing worn or damaged components, reassembling, lubricating and finally calibrating regulating the movement. We only use genuine replacement part for any parts require replacing. In addition we can perform fixes such as demagnetization and timing regulation.


We offer a 1 Year (12 month) Limited Warranty on watches which have undergone a complete servicing by our watchmakers. Should an issue arise with the movement during the warranty period we will repair the watch at no charge. Our 1 year limited warranty only covers mechanical failures which have occurred under regular wear conditions. Our warranty is only applicable on watches that have been fully serviced by The Timepiece Collection Ltd and only with problems that arise which are directly related to the watch service/repair provided. Repairs done on Vintage watches, water resistance testing and battery exchanges are not warrantied. Please contact us with any questions regarding our warranty policies.

Servicing By Brands We Represent:

Should you require servicing on a watch from a brand for which we are an authorized dealer, then we can arrange the logistics of the servicing on your behalf - regardless if the watch was originally purchased from us or not.

  • Warranty Service: If the watch is still under warranty, simply bring or ship your watch to us and include the warranty card/book or proof of purchase. We will handle the logistics and keep you apprised.
  • Non-Warranty Service: If the watch is no longer under warranty, bring/send your watch into us and we will be glad to coordinate the servicing on your behalf. We will coordinate all the logistics, from shipping the watch to the manufacturers service center (a small shipping fee may apply) to obtaining a repair quote and helping you decide what optional services may be worthwhile.

Strap, Bracelet and Buckle Replacement

We can special-order straps, bracelet and buckles from the brands for which we are authorized dealers. We offer complimentary installation and sizing of these items when bought from us, click here to view the brands for which we are authorized dealers.

Battery Replacement

Our expert watchmakers and technicians can change watch batteries. Removing an expired battery is essential to ensure that that the battery doesn’t leak acid, which could potentially drastically increase the repair cost of your watch. The movement is electronically tested and battery is replaced, the case is then sealed and tested for water resistance. Quartz movements require periodical cleaning, maintenance and water resistance testing. Water resistance integrity is essential to the longevity of any watch. We recommend changing all the gaskets at least once every other battery change.

Water Resistance Testing

It is essential to have your watch pressure-tested annually for water resistance integrity. Especially if your watch is rated as water resistant and will be immersed in water (i.e. swimming or showering with the watch). Our technicians test the water resistance integrity of your watch using sophisticated machines in both dry and wet conditions. Every time we open a watch, be it to replace a battery or as part of a servicing, we always visually inspect the integrity of the gaskets and seals, replacing them if necessary. As part of our water resistance testing we will bring your watch as close as possible to the original factory water resistance specs.

polishing and Refinishing

Polishing and refinishing a watch is an art which, if done correctly, can make your watch look as good as new. Our polishers have years of experience and the specialized instruments needed to master a great refinishing job. Maintaining (to the extent that is possible) the integrity of the original case shape and finishing patterns is our priority. To begin with, the strap or bracelet is detached from the case, and then the watch is opened and the movement, gaskets and crystal/s are removed to protect the parts from polishing compounds. Next the watch case, bezel and case screws are dismantled and each component is noted for its original finish. Now the polisher gets to work buffing, polishing and finishing the components as close as possible to the original factory finishing. The refinished components are then cleaned ultrasonically, removing the polishing compounds and unwanted dirt. Finally the watch is completely reassembled and pressure tested.