Luxury watches deserve special attention, expert care, and regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly and looking their best for generations to come. We invite you to bring your luxury watch in to our specialized watch service center where our expert watchmakers are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment, professional skills, and the experience that your luxury watches deserve. Come visit our service center today for a free initial service assessment. 


  • Personalized Analysis – our watchmakers will provide you with a detailed diagnosis with a personalized service recommendation and their respective cost.
  • Assessments – initial assessment is complimentary


  • Visual Movement test – before changing the battery, our watchmakers perform a visual check of the movement
  • Battery Replacement – the battery of your watch is carefully replaced
  • Testing – after battery replacement, the watch is thoroughly tested for its functionality and water resistance
  • Any additional findings and recommendations will be communicated at this time

Battery Replacement

Battery Testing

Water Resistance Testing


  • Parts Replacement - Crown, pushbuttons, gasket, Etc., when a complete service is not yet needed
  • Adjustments - Time adjustment and regulation of the timekeeping
  • Water Resistance –Restoration of water resistance
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning - to refresh your watch, the case, metal bracelet, and buckle are cleaned ultrasonically.
  • Final visual and Technical Inspection


  • Complete Watch Disassembly – Our specialists will take your watch apart piece by piece
  • Cleaning – the movement is taken fully apart, and all mechanisms are carefully cleaned in an ultrasonic
  • Replacing Components – all parts are checked individually, and any worn pieces are replaced
  • Reassembling Movement – our watchmakers reassemble, lubricates, adjust and meticulously test the entire movement
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning – to refresh your watch, the case, metal bracelet, and buckle are cleaned ultrasonically.
  • Polishing - the case and bracelet are hand-polished in order to restore it to the original appearance when the
  • Restoration Services are selected
  • Complete Watch Assembly – after the movement and case interventions have been completed our watchmakers will reassemble and install new gaskets
  • Timing and Amplitude Controls – after all the repair, adjusting, and cleaning interventions have been performed the timing and amplitude of the movement are controlled
  • Water Resistance – Our watchmakers test your watch to verify water resistance
    Quality Control– For up to 72 hours, the watch is tested to confirm flawless operation. Final checks are completed.

We offer a 1 Year (12 month) Limited Warranty on watches which have undergone a complete servicing by our watchmakers. Should an issue arise with the movement during the warranty period we will repair the watch at no charge. Our 1-year limited warranty only covers mechanical failures, which have occurred under regular wear conditions. Our warranty is only applicable on watches that have been fully serviced by The Timepiece Collection Ltd and only with problems that arise which are directly related to the watch service/repair provided. Repairs done on Vintage watches, water resistance testing and battery exchanges are not warrantied. Please contact us with any questions regarding our warranty policies.


  • Strap Service – watch straps are inspected, measured, ordered and replaced
  • Bracelet Service – watch bracelets are inspected and replaced if needed. Also, shortening or lengthening services


  • Watch Case Polishing – the case is hand-polished in order to restore it to the original appearance.
  • Bracelet Polishing – if your watch is on a metal bracelet, the bracelet and clasp are also hand-polished.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Bracelet Polishing

Case Polishing