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GLASHÜTTE ORIGINAL More than 165 years ago the first master watchmakers settled in Glashütte/Saxony. Over the years, respect for tradition, infinite patience, and incomparable watchmaking expertise have enabled the town's noted watchmakers to achieve unparalleled success. There is no better expression of these time-honoured values than the Glashütte Original manufactory. The term refers to watchmaking firms that design and manufacture their own movements and Glashütte Original's ability to do so, places it squarely among the elite of the world's mechanical watchmakers.

Glashütte Original brings the finest in watchmaking traditions together and combines them, under one roof, with the most advanced of contemporary materials and production technologies. In-house design and manufacture of thousands of precision components ensure that each of our exquisite mechanical movements meets the highest possible standards of quality. Each is, after all, a work of art.

The making of a high-end mechanical watch from Glashütte Original begins with a collective brain-storming session. Initial ideas are worked up in the product planning and design department and elaborated using computer-assisted design software. Even a relatively uncomplicated mechanical movement has hundreds of individual components, and Glashütte Original's watchmakers make use of a broad range of advanced tools and production technologies to make them.

The production of dials is doubtless one of the most difficult tasks involved in making fine mechanical watches. Along with creativity and absolute perfection, the production process requires maximum care and attention to detail. The unique dials used in our manufactory are made in Pforzheim, some 600 km from Glashütte, in our own dial manufactor. Enormous added value accrues through painstaking aesthetic refinement of the components, which are delicately finished, lavishly engraved and galvanized before a master watchmaker assembles them, patiently and with great precision. Even the simplest of Glashütte Original movements requires several hours to assemble. More elaborate movements with the most intricate and intriguing of complications – the Senator Chronometer Regulator or the Senator Tourbillon, for example - demand the dedicated attention of a master watchmaker for up to twenty working days.


1. SENATOR refers to the worldwide reputation for excellence enjoyed by German technology and manufacturing, combined with characteristic design aesthetics that give watches from Glashütte Original an unmistakably German and distinguished look and feel. The German word "Technik" evokes a combination of expertise, rare skills and craftsmanship, an alliance that remains characteristic of the watchmaker's craft as it is practiced at Glashütte Original. Examples of this group are the Senator Tourbillon and Panolunar Tourbillon.

2. PANO pay tribute to our heritage in their design, construction and mechanics. The first watches made in Glashütte date to the year 1845. Today our watches represent the “quintessence” of the craft of watchmaking in Glashütte: classical yet original movements beautifully realized with keen attention to detail and to the strictest quality standards and specifications. Quintessentials embody a deep respect for traditional approaches to design. Two examples are the Senator Chronometer Regulator and the Senator Panorama Date Moon Phase.

3. VINTAGE: As different as the watches of the collection 20th Century Vintage may seem, there is one common denominator to all of them: All models express the unique flair of a special era. The 1960s have left their traces and were a time of new ideals, personal and political revolutions turned this decade into an era of self-confidence and creativity. The 1970s equally have a special "something" that influenced art and design in a very characteristic way. All these influences are reflected in the Sixties and Seventies models – on the highest level of German watchmaking art. The two timepieces in this group are the Seventies Panorama Date and the Sixties.

4. LADIES: Outer beauty or inner values? Where is the difference? At Glashütte Original, beauty is not simply an attitude but an underlying principle. Since true beauty is timeless, Glashütte Original's Lady Collection does not follow fast moving fashion trends but applies classical elements in a feminine and innovative way. The Lady Serenade edition, for example, combines highly precise mechanics with an irresistibly feminine look whereas the Pavonina collection features seductive arrays of color and a wealth of different facets. Finally, the PanoMatic Luna enchants with gently shimmering mother-of-pearl and asymmetrical elegance. The Pavonina and Lady Serenade are examples of this group.

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