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Vintage WW1 Argentium
Vintage WW1 Argentium
Bell & Ross has always been passionate about military history and values. To go even further in its quest for excellence, Bell & Ross has made aviation, especially aeronautical instruments, a main source of inspiration. Many of its present collections pay tribute to the timekeepers that the military have used throughout history on land, sea or in the air, including First World War pocket watches, Second World War flight instruments with special functions and 1960s instrument panels. Sharing the army’s values of performance and excellence, Bell & Ross regularly supports elite units by designing watches that perform particular functions or celebrate special occasions.

Some professions require absolute precision. When success depends on perfect timing and when every second counts, having a watch capable of meeting the highest and most rigorous standards, becomes absolutely imperative. Reliability, performance and resistance are essential for these special timekeeping instruments. Military watches are the finest examples of the successful combination of readability and functionality.

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The armed forces have always been the most demanding users of watches. They are the ones who, during the First World War, urged watchmakers to take watches out of their pockets and put them on their wrists, redefining them as a tool to help them accomplish their mission. During the Second World War they started asking for specific parts and complications with special functions, such as oversized crowns, notched bezels and the flyback device. The armed forces’ requirements and specific demands pushed manufacturers to go even further regarding reliability, accuracy and functionality. Each parameter —case diameter, special functions, water resistance, day and night readability, luminous indexes, oversized numerals, precision, autonomy, shock and temperature resistance, anti-magnetic cases, rotating bezels— becomes a key factor when a military institution chooses a watch.

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Since its beginnings, Bell & Ross has always opted for excellence, that is why the brand developed its modern vision of luxury watches in the birthplace of fine watchmaking - Switzerland. The manufacture of Bell & Ross watches lies somewhere between craftsmanship and state-ofthe-art production techniques. It belongs to an area of fine expertise, where the precision of modern tools is enhanced by the hand and eye of the artisan. Whatever its mechanical complexity, each Bell & Ross watch is assembled completely by hand, by Swiss master watchmakers. By meeting Swiss standards, Bell & Ross produces exceptional watches which meet the company’s four fundamental principles: they are easy-to-read, functional, accurate and reliable. To achieve this result, Bell & Ross uses the combined skills and know-how of master watchmakers, engineers, professional users and designers in order to refine each watch design into something exceptional.

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