Why Buy Authorized?

The only way to ensure you are getting a brand new and authentic timepiece is to purchase through an authorized dealer.

When you buy a watch from an Authorized Dealer, you can be assured that:

  • Authorized Dealers only sell brand new and genuine products complete with the box and papers.
  • The full benefits of the respective manufacturer's product warranties will be in effect.
  • The Retailer is properly trained so that they can provide the correct answers to your questions.
  • The Retailer can provide assistance to you with regards to showing you how to use the watch and to size it to fit correctly.
  • Authorized Dealers have a commitment to outstanding customer service and support.
  • Authorized Dealers receive ongoing product and sales training, ensuring that your purchasing experience is consistently outstanding.
  • Authorized Dealers will also have access to official accessories, such as straps, bracelets and buckles.

When you buy a watch from a non-authorized grey market dealer:

  • You cannot be 100% certain that the watch is actually brand new and genuine.
  • The manufacturer will not honor a warranty on a watch purchased via the grey market. The manufacturer may even completely refuse to service a watch if not purchased from an authorized dealer.
  • The dealer may be here today and gone tomorrow, leaving you with no recourse.
  • You risk purchasing a refurbished, second hand, stolen or replica/fake watch.

The Timepiece Collection Ltd. is proud to be an Authorized Dealer for every brand we carry.